We manufacture our products on the basis of internationally approved, certified quality and environmental standards.

KLINGER is the competence center for the field of fiber-reinforced and high-temperature laminates and rubber coated steel gasket material production.

A great emphasis is continuously placed on quality in the course of the production process. This begins with the selection of the utilized raw materials and is continued during manufacturing of the required compounds, which are created by means of a mixing process characterized by precisely defined stages.

Our manufacturing orders are subjected to an exact and targeted planning process. It also covers the timely completion of the required compounds and is marked by the highest possible degree of uniformity during calendering of the sheets.


An integrated tracking system allows for complete traceability of the utilized raw materials. It fully covers the entire material flow, from raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Environmental protection plays a major role in the manufacturing process. Scraps, a by-product of the cutting process, are processed to the highest possible degree and recycled. A similar approach is executed in the field of production of the necessary solvents: Recovery is also applied here and thus leads to optimal resource utilization with simultaneous conservation of the environment.

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