Quality management

Our entrepreneurial activities firmly take environmental protection into account. This is also proven by our quality and environmental standards, which we maintain in order to also offer future generations a world worth living in.


KLINGER is wholly committed to conserving the environment with its company value "Sustainability". This comprises meeting the requirements of a healthy and intact environment as well as avoiding possible environmental contamination.

Adhering to these goals is achieved in different ways at KLINGER: Our core business – the manufacturing of high-quality sealing materials and their continuous improvement – significantly contributes to reducing and/or avoiding environmentally damaging emissions and immissions in almost all industrial and private segments. Furthermore, we are fully focused on the highest quality and environmental compatibility in our own processes and periodically have them analyzed by approved institutions. The insights gained from such quality and eco-audits are directly integrated into our processes. As a consequence, quality assurance measures and corresponding environmental protection are always kept at a state of the art level, but are simultaneously subjected to constant improvement in order to also be able to bear corresponding quality and environmental certificates in the future.

Quality, environmental protection and safety are clearly anchored in our integrated management system as values that go hand in hand. Our employees voluntarily commit to constant improvement

Management system

Our integrated management system comprises quality management on the basis of ISO 9001, environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 as well as the SWISO regulation, the voluntary environmental management system of the EU. This is how we ensure the quality and environmental compatibility of our products and processes under optimal economic frame conditions as well as in compliance with work safety and occupational health issues.

The driving force of our management system is our commitment to quality and our desire to constantly improve all traits relevant to quality: This includes customer satisfaction, the training of our employees, our products and processes, and their environmental compatibility.

The effectiveness of the management system is examined by external experts on an annual basis. As three trendsetting management systems are brought to bear at KLINGER, this represents a dynamic process: All three major elements continuously influence each other and thus lead to adaptations, expansions and improvements.

Each entrepreneurial activity has a direct or indirect effect on quality. We commit ourselves to quality, sustainability and safety by means of our guiding motto "trusted. worldwide." Executing our quality and environmental policies, we ensure that these goals
remain on target in our daily processes and thus ensure a sustainable development.

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